Who we are

Family Church exists to Glorify God as we Win Souls with the Gospel of Christ and Make Disciples of Him. Family Church is a family of individuals that have found hope in Jesus, and simply want as many people as possible to experience that exact same freedom.

Where we come from

Family Church was started in 1991 by Pastor Bill and Peggy Fitzhugh and a handful of families. Back then, these families imagined a church that was truly welcoming to everyone - where everyone would be loved and cared for regardless of personal history, family background, ethnicity, or gender. Pastor Bill retired in 2014 and Pastor Stephen Harrison was  voted in as the next lead pastor. Pastor Bill passed away from a brain tumor on October 12th, 2014. They truly began a legacy that continues to reach thousands for Christ.

Where we're headed

What's the bottom line? More than ever, Family Church exists to Love God and Love people. We are committed to fostering a family built around loving people right where they are, but loving them enough not to leave them there. That's what Jesus did for us. "He demonstrated His love in that while we were sinners He died for us." (Romans 5:8) Doing the Great Commandment (Matthew 26:24-30) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) are our main priorities and they remain at the center of who we are as followers of Christ.

What this means to you

What does this mean for you? Most importantly, you're always welcome at Family Church. We're saving a seat for you. You matter to us. Wherever you're at in your faith journey, you'll always be accepted as part of our family.


Beyond that, if you're ready to plan your first visit, click here. If you'd simply like to get in touch with a person on our pastoral team directly, click the button below.

Our Beliefs

The Holy Bible
The Holy Trinity
God the Father
God the Son
God the Holy Spirit
The Church
Water Baptism
The Lord's Supper
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
The Kingdom
Marriage, Gender and Sexuality
Final Authority for Matters of Belief and Conduct

The Staff

Redfield Campus Pastor

Pastor Roosevelt

& Betty Brown

Pine Bluff Campus Pastor

Lead Worship Pastor

Pastor Cadell

& Joyce Welch

Senior Adults Pastor

Pastors John

& Becky Mincy

Next Generation and Family Pastors

Media and Communications Pastor