Life Groups

We are a church of small groups called Life Groups. We believe it is important to do life together as a family of believers! Life Groups are the best place to grow in your relationship with God while connecting with others. Our groups gather in homes across the area to read scripture, study the Word, pray together, and of course have fun.  Life Groups are how a large growing church stays connected and ministers to one another.

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Why do Life Groups?

  • It is Biblical

    The book of Acts records the tremendous growth of the first church in Jerusalem. Small group meetings in homes were the foundation of the early church. Acts 5:42 tells us the people met “in the temple courts” (large group worship) and “from house to house,” (small group fellowship). Small groups were vital to the church’s growth then and they are just as vital now. 

  • Life Together

    In a Life Group, people can know you and your family. You can be prayed for, listened to, have fun, and grow spiritually together. Relationships are hard to do staring at the back of someone’s head in a row during a church service. They are lived out face-to-face, sitting at someone’s kitchen table. It’s in a Life Group that you’ll find out what being church is really all about – people growing together in Christ one step at a time.   Life Groups is all about doing life together.

  • What do Life Groups do?

    It's as simple as doing life together. Groups generally meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month but there are other meeting times as well. In those meetings, people come together to eat, laugh, build relationships, pray for one another, study the Word, and do life together! Our groups are as varied as we are. Group leaders use their gifts and passions to create a group that allows others to join with them in serving God.  

  • FamilyShip

    (n) the relationship that develops when you love with Proverbs 18:24 love  

    (v) the act of loving friends with unconditional Christ like love  

    (adj) word used to describe the bonds developed through Life Groups at Family Church .

What about my kids?


Birth through 5 years of age. (PreSchool)

These are the foundational years where they begin to learn who God is and how much He loves them. Using lots of hands-on fun activities, crafts and music, we do our best to help the Bible come alive and become engaging and important. Babies and toddlers are not lost in this. We love and nurture even the youngest of these and believe they’re never too young to hear about the amazing love of the Father! 

Revolution life groups

Revolution, the youth ministry of Family Church, meets in Life Groups on every other Wednesday nights. On Sunday Life Group nights is when Next Generation Leaders meet for students in 6th through 12th grade. Next Generation Leadership is about cultivating character and connecting students to serve the next generation. It is open for all students to take part in but we want them to have a desire to be there and a desire to grow. Being part of NGL a student gets to help serve in preschool and elementary. They get opportunities to lead a small group, learn technology (such sound and the computer), be part of a dance team, worship team, hospitality team and they get invitations to special things just for those taking the extra effort to learn and grow. 

How do I join a group?

Joining a group is simple, just show up! Below you can search through the groups by using the list or the map. You can also visit the Welcome Center in the foyer on the weekend for a list of groups and talk to a life group leader. If you are unsure what group to attend or have any questions we would love to answer them.  Just  email us at

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