Read - Learn - Grow

21 Days - Day 17

"It Is Profitable"

Pastor Richie Hegwood

Read: 2 Timothy 3:16-17  

In this passage, Paul is instructing Timothy on the use of the Holy Scriptures to handle any situation that may arise in the life of a believer.  “It is profitable'', in other words it is of benefit to us to know, use, and rely on the word to equip ourselves and others in righteousness.  In order for us to profit from the scriptures, we must study them, meditate on them, and ask that Holy Spirit to reveal truth in them.  Another great way to learn and adhere to the scriptures is through discipleship.  Not only being made a disciple by someone more mature in the faith, but also in making a disciple and teaching someone that is younger in the faith than you.  This isn’t just a good idea, but a command from the Lord Jesus.  

Today’s Challenge:  Ask the Lord to give you a scripture today for yourself and to share with someone else.  Begin making a disciple today.