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21 Days - Day 21

"It's Time To ARISE"

Pastor Stephen Harrison

Read: Isaiah 60:1-2

Thank you for joining us over the last three weeks in 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting.  On this last day, I want to sum up what we've been praying for as a church.  It's time to ARISE!  Isaiah 60:1-2 reminds us to arise and let the glory of the Lord rise in us.  It also reminds us while darkness covers the earth and the lives of people, THE LORD RISES UPON US AND HIS GLORY APPEARS OVER US!  We must ARISE as a church to advance the Kingdom of God for His glory.  Remember, we’ve been praying for us as individuals and a church to:

     ·  AWAKEN our relationship with God

     ·  REACH the lost with the gospel

     ·  INVEST ourselves in the Kingdom

     ·  START what the Spirit says

     ·  EQUIP one another as disciples of Jesus

Here are some questions that should move us to action. Ask yourself, over the last three weeks:

     ·  How has the Spirit led you to AWAKEN your relationship with God?

     ·  Who has the Spirit led you to REACH with the gospel?

     ·  Where has the Spirit led you to INVEST yourself in the Kingdom?

     ·  What has the Spirit led you to START for His glory?

     ·  How has the  Spirit led you to EQUIP yourself and others as disciples of Jesus?

Let's not let what God has started in us over these three weeks diminish and vanish.  It's time to ARISE as the church and glorify God, win souls with the gospel of Jesus, and make disciples of Him!

Continuing with you as we grow in the Lord!