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21 Days - Day 16


Pator Roosevelt Brown

Read: Mark 10:45  

                                                                                                                                                                                    There are times we need to be served. But most of the time, we are called to serve others. The bottom line is that God wants each of us to help carry people through their times of need. The church was never meant to be a bunch of people watching as a few exhausted workers strain to carry the burdens of a whole congregation or community. A church filled with people who serve will change the world they live in. Can you imagine a church where every single person has a passion to serve others? God does not ask for your ability or your inability. He asks only for your availability. To be one who recognizes his or her own humility. To be one who considers others better than himself or herself.  To be one who seeks to serve, not to be served. To be one who looks, loves and lives like Jesus. 

Today's Challenge: Do you serve where you attend church? If you answered no, pray about that and start serving.