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21 Days - Day 7

"Hard To Reach"

Pastor Andrew Schod

Read: Luke 19:1-9

Have you ever settled for something less because it was easy, was there a better option that was hard to reach? When I was 14 I started to work on a farm during the summer months. One of the main things we did was to harvest the fruit that was ripe and ready to head market. We were always told that we were welcome to eat as much of the fruit as we wanted while we worked. So each day on the way out to the fields we would ride on top of the truck so that we could pick the cherries off the tree as we drove by. Nothing like fresh cherries right off the tree. Working on the farm was hard manual labor but we were paid for our hard work and got to each the best fruit we could find. 

In Luke, Jesus is walking along when Zacchaeus climbed up a tree just to see Jesus. Jesus stopped and noticed him and told him that he was going to come to Zacchaeus house. Which the crowds ridiculed Jesus for going to eat with a man of Zacchaeus stature. Zacchaeus was a tax collector and was hated by all. Yet Jesus went out of his way to meet Zacchaeus and the scripture says, “salvation has come to this house.” What an amazing story of the lost being saved. What if Jesus only spoke to those who came to him? What if Jesus didn’t travel or go to the lost? What if Jesus didn't go out of His way to eat a meal with the most hated person in town? Too often we do not want to chase after the people who are hard to reach. We only want the low hanging fruit. To get the best reward of the freshest cherries, I had to go to a farm, I couldn't buy them at the store. 

Today’s Challenge: Who are you going out of your way to reach with the Gospel? Who are you sharing life with that needs an encounter with Jesus?