Read - Learn - Grow

21 Days - Day 19

"Get Connected"

Pastor Richie Hegwood

Read: Acts 2:46 

Life Groups are foundational to Family Church and we believe, to the Christian walk.  We believe that scripture models for us the use of groups meeting house to house and growing together in maturity, righteousness and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  These groups should go far beyond just being together in relationship, eating, and having a good time.  They should be times of gladness, rejoicing, worship, teaching, and prayer all centered in devotion to Jesus.  The early church saw people being added to the faith daily.  This wasn’t just because they were meeting, but because their meeting and devotion to Jesus compelled them to share what the Lord was doing in their lives. 

Today’s Challenge:  If you’re not currently connected to a Life Group, call the church office or email to learn how to join a group.  If you are in a group ask the Lord to show you others that need to be part of your group.