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21 Days - Day 9

"Invest Yourself"

Pastor Dan McDonald

Read: 1 Timothy 6:17-19 

Paul gives a charge to the rich, and if you have been blessed by the Lord in any way, then you are rich. God requires His followers to be generous investors into His Kingdom, investing our time, our talents, and our money. But it’s not always easy because of fear or greed. However, generosity prevails as we begin to trust and submit to the Lord with every area of our life.

A Generous heart says: I trust the Lord and not money; I depend on the Lord not on my own abilities; I lean on the Lord not my own agenda. Trusting him puts our confidence in Him that He will take care of us no matter what. Trusting Him allows us to conquer greed and to be givers instead of takers. 

Our time, talent and money could be here today and gone tomorrow. It’s temporary and it won’t last. But our God is everlasting and it’s in Him we put our trust as we generously share with others and generously enjoy what He has blessed us with. If we can trust the Lord with our eternal salvation, shouldn’t we be able to trust Him with our temporary life here as well?


Father, thank you for being generous. You generously created me, you generously gave me life and you generously give me grace. Teach me to trust you with my time, talents and money. Show me how to be open-handed, like Jesus, when He stretched out his arms for the nails that were meant for me. Help to be a generous follower that blesses others and honors you.   In Jesus name. Amen.