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21 Days - Day 18

"One Another"

Pastor Richie Hegwood

Read: Hebrews 10:24-25

The bible is full of “one another” verses.  This confirms that we aren’t meant to do this walk alone.  This isn’t only for our benefit, but as the verse says for spurring and encouraging others.  Sometimes people decide that they don’t need the church.  They can worship and study the word on their own.  We can and should worship and study on our own.  But, when we do these things, it should and will compel us to obey the word of God and meet together, encourage one another, keep the Sabbath Holy, and do it all the more as the Day approaches.  WE need each OTHER as we are the Church of Jesus Christ.   

Today’s Challenge:  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you this week how you can encourage someone else this weekend.  Can you pray for them, get a word from the Lord for them or just encourage them in some way?