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21 Days - Day 8

"Heart for the Lost"

Pastor Andrew Schod

Read: Nehemiah 1

I always wanted to be a dad. When I found out that my wife and I were expecting our first child I was excited! I also was scared. The decisions I make will affect this little child for most of their life. I had the opportunity to mold this blessing into so many things based on how I raised her, how I acted, the things I say and do would shape this little precious gift from God. Instead of living in that fear I began to pray. My wife and I both prayed for our daughter before she was born and almost every night before bed. We did the same when our son was born this past year. One night I was putting him to sleep and I began to pray for him. I prayed very similar prayers for him as I still pray for my daughter. I prayed that he would know the Lord. Love the Lord with all his heart, that he will be a worship leader, a pastor maybe not by profession but in action. I prayed that he would lead a lifestyle of worship and seeking the lost. I prayed that whatever he does in life he does it for the glory of God. 

Nehemiah did the same but not for a child but for all the people of God. He fasted and prayed for an entire nation. He repented for a nation! He wept for a nation! The heart to REACH people begins in our prayer life. How can we truly go after the lost if our hearts are hard to those who don’t go to church, who do things we don’t agree with, who don’t look like I do? How can we tell someone about Jesus if we don’t seek the Lord on their behalf? If I want my kids to follow the Lord, then it starts with me. I have to pray that they will be saved, I have to fast, I have to seek the Lord for them until they come to a place to accept Jesus on their own. We must do the same for all people. Reaching the lost is not about correcting their behavior, it is about arranging a meeting for them to see Jesus. 

Today’s Challenge: Who are you praying for to accept Jesus as Lord? Who have you wept for because they are far from the Lord? Who are you repenting on their behalf for?