What are the minimum requirements to be considered for the program?

Be between the age 18-24 and have high school diploma or GED. Be in pursuit of further education while attending the internship.

Is the internship paid? Does it Cost?

The internship is not a paid position. Interns are fully responsible to raise their own support during the program. There is not a financial cost to the internship as we wish to invest into the next generation.

Can I go to school and work while being an intern at the same time?

Yes, in fact seeking some form of higher education is a requirement. We would love to work with you to accommodate your school and work schedule as you intern with us.

Do I need a car?

Yes. Family Church has three locations. Participants could be assigned to various campuses and work differing schedules based on each ministry's unique needs. Each participant is responsible for providing for his or her own transportation. A car is a requirement.

Do I need a computer?

Yes. Each participant is required to have a laptop computer to use during the duration of the program.

Are there any job guarantees after the program?

There is NO guarantee of employment at Family Church or outside of Family Church after your program.

Can I still have an internship if I don't agree with Family Church's theology?

We require that all of our participants pass a theological interview given by one of our pastors. Beyond the basic Christian beliefs, you will not have to hold the same denominational values as the Southern Baptist Convention, but we ask that you will respectfully comply with these denominational values during your internship with us. 

Read our beliefs and if you have questions, please ask.

Does Family Church provide housing accommodations?

Unfortunately, Family Church does not provide housing for interns. We can help interns to find housing arrangements for the duration of the program.

Does an applicant have to attend family church?

To be considered for the internship you do not have to have attended Family Church. For the duration of the internship you will be required to attend Family Church.