Boomerang is Family Church’s ministry to and for children and their families from birth through 5th grade. 

The name BOOMERANG is based on the scripture Isaiah 55:11, We believe this verse is a great model for what a children’s ministry is all about. The idea is that children come into our church and are taught the word of God and are then sent out to apply the word to their own lives and share that word with others. Much like a boomerang that is sent out returns back to the thrower, we look forward to each new day when children return to our church to learn more about Jesus Christ. 


Our preschool cares for children from birth through 5 years of age or until they begin kindergarten. These are the foundational years where they begin to learn who God is and how much He loves them. Using lots of hands-on fun activities, crafts and music, we do our best to help the Bible come alive and become engaging and important. Babies and toddlers are not lost in this. We love and nurture even the youngest of these and believe they’re never too young to hear about the amazing love of the Father!  


Our older BOOMERANG class is for children from kindergarten through the 5th grade. These are the years kids can really start to apply and share the word of God. The Bible is full of powerful truths that kids are more than capable of understanding. BOOMERANG uses kid-friendly videos, high-energy games and equipped teachers to help these truths become relevant to kid’s lives. We like to shake things up by putting dance steps or motions to the songs we sing whenever possible. Kids love to move around and motions help make the words easy to learn and remember. By choosing songs that repeat the theme of the lesson as well as some music from Christian radio, kids can have the opportunity to share what they’ve learned with their friends and families outside of church.

Our BOOMERANG ministry wants to partner with parents and grandparents to help kids develop a heart for Jesus Christ and learn to serve Him with life-long commitment.  

For more Information you can email fckids@familychurch.ws

or call 870-247-3300