• What are elders?

    Elders were present in every New Testament church (Titus 1:5 Acts 14:23).  Philippians 1:1 addresses the elders and deacons, reminding us there must be both.  Titus 1, 1 Timothy 3, and 1 Peter 5 are some of the main scriptures that describe the function of elders.  Scripture speaks of elders in the body probably 10 times more than it does deacons.  Deacons are servants.  Both elders and deacons should be in the New Testament church.  They are to teach, pray for the sick, shepherd the body, lead the spiritual direction of the church, protect doctrine, and watch out those who would hurt the body (wolves - Acts 20:29).  There should be more than one elder as scripture always refers to elders (plural).  The number of elders in a body should be proportionate to its size so to care for the whole body.  Some elders are on staff (paid), some are not (1 Timothy 5:17).  Elders are men and we have included their wives in the list below to honor them and because of how vital they are to their ministry and lives.

  • Larry & Nancy Brakebill

  • Clarence & Barbara Davis

  • Stephen & Haley Harrison

  • Richie & Cindy Hegwood

  • Bruce & Rachel Lawson

  • Jerry & Paige Lawson

  • Dan & LORI McDonald

  • JOHN & Becky Mincy

  • James & Leann Parnell

  • James & Laura Pierce

  • Richard & Shannon  Roberts

  • Cadell & Joyce  Welch

  • Roy & Trish Ferrell

  • Roosevelt & betty brown

  • Jeremy & Stacy thomas

  • Alan & Juanita Buckmaster


  • jessica bolls



  • Melanie daugherty

    administrative assistant

  • Bobby Dunn

    Video, Lighting, & Technology Director

  • Scott Harper

    Sound Director

  • Amanda Haynes


  • derek hegwood

    worship leader

    pine blufF

  • Elaine hutcheson



  • Rusty Parker

    Worship Leader


  • Chelley Partridge

    Housekeeping Supervisor

  • Robbie Prather

    Grounds & Maintenance Supervisor