Pastoral history

In 1991, Pastor Bill and Peggy Fitzhugh heard the call of God to begin Family Church in their home in White Hall, AR. That first Sunday, 12 people met and a church was launched. Pastor Bill and Mrs. Peggy faithfully served Family Church as Senior Pastors for over 23 years, touching the lives of thousands of people in Jefferson County and every county that touches it.  

In 2012, the church elders, led by Pastor Bill, went through a year process of preparing for his retirement and presented Pastor Stephen as their recommendation for the next Sr. Pastor of Family Church.  The church voted nearly 100% for this decision and they entered into a co-pastoring role.  

Pastor Bill was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January 2013 and Pastor Stephen led the church during this year before becoming Sr. Pastor on January 19, 2014 upon Pastor Bill's retirement.   Pastor Bill continued to serve as an elder at Family Church where he is still greatly loved and respected. He went to Heaven to be with Jesus October 12, 2014.  He and Mrs. Peggy have been and continue to be great examples of loving God, loving people, and making disciples of Christ.  They truly began a legacy that continues to reach thousands for Christ.

Our History

After outgrowing Pastor Bill and Peggy's home, Family Church moved to White Hall City Hall.  From there, the church met in Moody Elementary Cafeteria, White Hall Jr. High Band room, the Trotline Fish Restaurant, and even in tent services.  After outgrowing these facilities, Family Church spent a few years in Cranford Funeral Home.

After continued growth, Family Church bought land on Hwy 104 in 1996 and moved to the church location on 104 in 1997.  The church thrived, entered into two more building phases, and now meets in 60,000+ square feet of space in White Hall.  

Pastor Bill Fitzhugh and the elders had the vision for multi-campuses and in 2009 Family Church bought land in Redfield.  Under the leadership of Pastor Stephen Harrison, Pastor Bill's Associate pastor and new Sr. Pastor (January 2014), Family Church launched it's second campus in Redfield on January 31, 2014.  150 people from the White Hall Campus were sent as the launch team with Pastor Dan McDonald as campus pastor. 

Family Church launched it's third campus in February 2017 as Southside Baptist Church in Pine Bluff closed and gifted their 60,000 square foot facility and two city blocks to Family Church (easily a $1,000,000 gift!).  Family Church sent 150 people as the launch team from the White Hall campus and Pastor Roosevelt Brown as campus pastor.

It is our desire to start what some call a dream center or "House of Hope" at the Pine Bluff campus to serve the most basic of needs in the inner-city Pine Bluff community (food, temporary shelter, job training and placement, clothing, etc.).